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Irritation from shaving, and zits and pimples? What is the best product or remedy?

My boyfriend gets really irritated on his face when he shaves. When his hair grows back it causes in grown hairs that look infected and even pimples come out. He has been using proactive products and many expensive aftershaves. Is there anything he can do before he calls a dermatologist?Irritation from shaving, and zits and pimples? What is the best product or remedy?
i would switch the aftershave and use witch hazel in its place. it does the same or even a better job and it doesnt contain alcohol which irritates the skin even further. My husband uses this cream for ingrown hairs called Nell's smoother skin and he doesnt have any bumps. lotsaluck

What is a good cheap way to get rid of zits for GOOD?

My skin is oily and usually the zits make a few different clusters on my face. Like right now there are a bunch of them on my chin and right below my hair part on the hair line. I don't have very much money to go and buy expensive things for zits so what is a good cheap item that will actually work. I would try proactive, but one of my friends has it and she said that it stops working after about a month.What is a good cheap way to get rid of zits for GOOD?
Drink 8 glasses of water a day and get lots of aerobic exercise.What is a good cheap way to get rid of zits for GOOD?
toothpaste dirt cheap
Go to Walmart, or your closest drug store and go through the zit meds till you find the cheapest no name brand that has benzoyl peroxide in it.

You will some slight improvement just overnight, and in 2 or 3 days it should be mostly gone.


Pronounced: (BEN-zoh-ill per-OX-ide)

Acne Pimple Medicine Top Uses

This medication is used to treat mild to moderate acne. It may be used in combination with other acne treatments. When applied to the skin, benzoyl peroxide works by reducing the amount of acne-causing bacteria and by causing the skin to dry and peel.

How To Use Acne Pimple Medicine Top

There are many benzoyl peroxide products available. Many can be purchased without a prescription. Some products require a prescription. Consult your doctor or pharmacist on the choice of the product that is best for you. Some products require shaking before use. Check your product package to see if your form of this medication needs to be shaken.

Apply benzoyl peroxide to the areas of your skin affected by acne. Avoid getting this medication into your eyes, inside your nose or mouth, or on any areas of broken skin since it may cause irritation. If this occurs, flush the area with plenty of water. Benzoyl peroxide may bleach hair or fabrics. Use carefully, and avoid contact with hair, clothing, and furnishings.

If using cleansers containing benzoyl peroxide, wet the affected area. Gently rub the cleanser into the skin for 10-20 seconds. Work into a full lather and rinse thoroughly and then pat dry. If too much drying occurs, you may need to rinse the cleanser off sooner or use it less often. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for further details.

If you are using the liquid wash or cleanser bar, use it instead of soap once or twice a day. Wet the skin before applying, gently work up a lather for 10 to 20 seconds, and rinse thoroughly. Do not scrub the skin.

If using the shaving cream, first wet the area to be shaved. Apply a small amount of the medication, gently rub into the area, and then shave.

If you are using a cream, lotion, or gel, apply it to the affected area usually once or twice a day. Before applying each dose, gently wash the affected area with a mild cleanser, then pat dry. Apply a small amount of medicine to the affected area and rub in gently.

How can o get rid of a bunch of zits?

I have a lot of zits and its summer time, and when I go back to school i want to shock everyone with a clear face! So please help em get rid of all my pimples fast with everyday supplies! Thanks! It would mean a lot cause I have a bunch of zits!How can o get rid of a bunch of zits?
1. There are a lot of cheap but excellent gentle facial cleansers out there. Try Clean %26amp; Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin ($3.79), Olay Sensitive Skin Foaming Face Wash ($3.99), or Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin ($5.99). Wash your face once in the morning and once at night, but don't scrub or pull at the skin.

2. Toners are good for all skin types. The cheapest good one there is seems to be Beauty Without Cruelty Balancing Facial Toner for All Skin Types ($7.95), but it is only sold in health food stores. In general, though, toners are expensive, and very few good ones are sold in drugstores. Do NOT buy toners with alcohol, oils, or witchhazel, as these will dry your skin.

3. For the blemishes, you'll need a Benzoyl peroxide product. Now, here's the catch: cheaper products come in 10% concentrations, which may be too harsh for you, and there are more expensive 2.5% and 5% concentrations. I would strongly advise trying Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment Vanishing Formula 2.5% ($6.75) before moving onto the stronger Clean %26amp; Clear Persa-Gel 10, Maximum Strength ($3.49).

4. You also need a BHA solution. BHA gently (important word, here) exfoliates your skin's surface and the inside of your pores. The cheapest one I know of (with no irritating ingredients) is Clearasil Acne Fighting Facial Moisturizers ($3.99).

Good luck!

What product is really good to get rid of zits fast?

i have some zits of my face and i really want to get rid of them i have tried alot of things but nothign really works!!! does anyone know of somee really good products that work fast?What product is really good to get rid of zits fast?
If you go to any pharmacy-type place... there is a product made by Johnson %26amp; Johnson called - Clean%26amp;Clear Persa-Gel 10. It has 10% benzoyl peroxide... this is the highest concentration I have ever seen in an over-the-counter product. Most of the other products contain 2% salicylic acid. Please try this out! I purchase tons of tubes and keep them around, though I don't use them every day - my skin is now very clear!

By the way, use this cream in moderation. At a 10% concentration of benzoyl peroxide, it is very strong and could dry out your skin if you use it excessively.What product is really good to get rid of zits fast?
girl use clean and clear acne scrub and then after that use 1 ponds facial cloth and then i say give that about four days it'll b clearing up
some great tips and articles for acne on this site
no zit cream is a miricle cure so try puttin ice on them , slappin on some foundation and hope it goes away by morning!
There's a product called Acne Free and you get it in a store called Costco. iT WORKS IN THREE STEPS and stops them in about 2-3 days.
Acne Complex鈥?/a>
Hey try clean and clear astringent 4 oily skin,

St ives Firming clay masque, apply every night and wash off in d morning .......if u got oily skin it may be harsh 4 dry skin...but i hvent had a zit since i started using d 2 products.
Stridex, if you have sensitive skin, they have it for that too. It works so good, i use it and it works so great(but make sure you use it for atleast 3 days, 3 times a day)!!! Let me know if it works!!!
Clearasil every night before bed and wash face with noxema only
Have you tried Noxzema citrus scrub? I use that and my zits are gone quick. So you should try that if you haven't already.
Try these




I personally use a perscription called BenzaClin and it works fantastic.
The quickest, most effective way to get rid of zits on your face is with a machette. Just have one of your friends lop off your head, and POOF!! no more zits.

Oh, you want to keep your head.......well, that creates a problem then..........
the only thing i know of... that ever worked for me and even stubborn cysts is.. oxy pads maximum strength.

and i have adult acne.
For a cheap but fast way get clearasil ultra(at walmart or drug store) but you must use 3 dyas in a row to quickly remove the zits or for an expensive but affective use proactiv.
Anything in the Clinique line........
Lemon juice from a fresh lemon. Stings a bit but works really well!
I heard that a model's secret is using toothpaste. I heard that, I have not tried it.
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  • What is a fast way og getting rid of zits?

    I need a fast simple way of getting rid of zits alot of you will say proactive but i cant order it cause i have pictures tommorow!!!! HELP PLEASE :(What is a fast way og getting rid of zits?
    Hi Bobo

    I dont know about one day, but here are some ideas.


    11/24/2007: Vinny ( from Atlanta, GA writes: ';A quick, cheap, %26amp; healthy way to prevent and heal acne (even blackheads) is to use Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Oil. A big bottle is about $8-9 and can be found at GNC. Make sure you dilute it with water as it is very potent like other oils. You should have very good success with this and should notice HUGE differences within a day.';


    10/04/2007: Martha from Lawrenceville, GA writes: ';I've always had trouble with acne -- I could never get my skin completely under control. ACV helped -- taking it internally -- but I still broke out in a monthly cycle. I started using aloe vera gel on my face a few weeks ago, and my skin has cleared up dramatically. I've not had one breakout, and my skin is getting to be so pretty! I just use a generic aloe vera gel that I picked up in WalMart.';


    10/03/2007: Jennifer from Kirkland, Washington writes: ';I have been using a mixture of coconut oil and aloe vera gel (4:1 ratio) on my face for my acne for only 2 weeks and it has almost completely cleared it up. I have had moderate to severe acne since I was 13 (I am now 37), and have tried everything under the sun to diminish it. Some things have helped more than others, but this is the first time my skin has felt so good and looked so good in almost 25 years

    Best of health to youWhat is a fast way og getting rid of zits?
    raised 3 girls, have yrs. of zit experience! wet face, put on some sugar or honey,leave on untill dry, then add a splash of warm water,work in and rinse. crush up an adult aspirin, make into paste by adding drop of water to it, put on zit and leave on for 30 minutes, rinse well, dry, and put on a dab of baby diaper rash cream, leave on overnight. this cream is high in zinc, it really does work!!
    sorry to say it but........

    the only possible way is proactive....

    if you dont have any try using some cover up tommorow

    How can o get rid of a bunch of zits?

    I have a lot of zits and its summer time, and when I go back to school i want to shock everyone with a clear face! So please help em get rid of all my pimples fast with everyday supplies! Thanks! It would mean a lot cause I have a bunch of zits!How can o get rid of a bunch of zits?
    You should see a doctor. they can perscribe someting that is alot stronger and would work faster than any thing you find in the store.How can o get rid of a bunch of zits?
    That Clean%26amp;Clear stuff? The one that's meant to treat pimples/zits that it's in a clear tube. It's not a facewash.

    It might be genetics too, and you're most likely going through puberty.

    They might not go away.
    The 3 step system really works in controlling acne. It depends on what your skin and acne responds better to...salicylic acid or benzoyle peroxide. These 2 are the most popular and main ingredients in acne medication. Salicylic acid has exfoliating properties while the benzolye peroxide has anti-bacterial properties. If you prefer salicylic use Murad's 3 step system ( or try Proactiv if you prefer the latter. Just remember that most acne systems may cause you to go through a purging process where you MIGHT (not always) feel like your skin is getting worse...hang in there though. Good luck and hope this helps =)
    Try this:鈥?/a>

    It really works!!
    I know this might sound gross, but a lot of celebrities use this trick before going to the oscars. First you need ingredients... All you need is asprin and lemon juice. Cut the asprin in half and crush it, put a couple of drop of lemon juice on it, and put it on all those problems over nigh. Walah! Your zits should be gone. Hope I helped. =]]
    Try using toothpaste on your face before you go to bed at night . The toothpaste helps to dry them up without the scaring.
    i did some research, and it's as simple as this!

    take a little cup, pour some baking soda in it, add some water until it gets a bit pasty feeling. then just put some on your finger and rub on the zits.. leave it for about 30 minutes, then just clean it off with water!

    What is a good type of SOAP to use if I have a lot of body zits?

    Some are ingrown hairs mabey, but I got alot of arm zits going on, and my soap isn't working. I need a good soap to EXTINGUISH those annoying blemishes.What is a good type of SOAP to use if I have a lot of body zits?
    cetaphil bar soap. make sure you get the antibacterial one.. works great... cetaphil also makes a great face wash. dermatologist recommendedWhat is a good type of SOAP to use if I have a lot of body zits?
    Never heard of zits on the arms. Maybe see a doctory of dermatology. Check out the Tepe.... soap I listed.

    To the rescue!!!! See the last product. It works best for me. New acne quit appearing. Older acne died off in a week. Blackheads at bay, my face is clearer by at least 97% of the time now! Rest of the products depend on your finances. They are more natural made than with science and its chemicals!

    Auromere Ayurvedic Soap, Sandalwood/Tumeric Formula:鈥?/a>


    Cuticura Medicated fragrance free Anti-Bacterial Soap Bar:鈥?/a>


    Earth Therapeutics Loofah Exfoliating Soap, Oatmeal %26amp; Honey鈥?/a>


    Queen Helene Masque, Mint Julep鈥?/a>

    Queen Helene Mint Julep Natural Facial Scrub鈥?/a>


    Queen Helene Oatmeal 'n Honey Natural Facial Scrub鈥?/a>


    Tulsi-Neem, 2.7 oz

    Other products by Auromere鈥?/a>


    Facial cleansing for all types of skin, especially sensitive, delicate or acne-prone skins. Recommended for atopic dermatitis o for the body hygiene in case of sensitive skins.

    It contains plant extracts (Chamomile, Aloe, Oatmeal, Mimosa) and AHAs with moisturizing, refreshing, soothing, regenerating and protecting properties. Thanks to its use of Triclosan it possesses a germicidal and antifungal effect. Most expensive!鈥?/a>

    CHEAPEST!!!! :Baking powder scrub might help to some degree and then again might aggravate your skin. Dabs of white toothpaste on beginner zit stage overnight calms them down. Rinse off in the morning. Never gel toothpaste!

    Tepescohuite soap in Ebay search engine. Like $9.00 plus shipping and handling. THANKYOUSTAN sells this at his store. Works well for me! I am not the seller, I am the buyer.

    A 1 step program wash morning and evening. Warm water/cool water rinse. EASY! Give it like two weeks to show improvement!
    Try DIAL for probably won't work immediately...but it's the best soap I've ever found for really gets the skin oil off...
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