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What can you do about those painful zits that feel hard under the skin and haven't come to a head yet?

You know what I mean... those zits that you can feel under the skin, just waiting to crown. The kind that hurts. Normal vanishing cream or spot treatment doesn't work on these. Is there anything you can do besides just using acne-fighting facewash as usual, and hoping that it goes away?What can you do about those painful zits that feel hard under the skin and haven't come to a head yet?
use a warm compress on it...such as pour hot water onto a towel and press it up against the area..this will quicken its journey to the surface where you can then give it hell once it has a white head on it.What can you do about those painful zits that feel hard under the skin and haven't come to a head yet?
dont touch it. i went to a facialist and she said that the more you touch it, the more the bacteria inside it spreads. dont put anything hot in it. the best thing to do is leave it alone or put ice on it for about 10 minutes. the ice will minimize swelling. Report Abuse

my daughter has this remedy that she swears by and what she does is after her shower or when she has removed her make up she applies rubbing alcohol and then she rubs baby powder after the alcohol has dried up and she rubs the baby powder in. She does this twice a day and she usually is able to get rid of any zits or possible zits. Good luck
All you can do is wash your face. The zit will do what the zit will do. Using astringent is helpful, though. Witch hazel is my favorite. It's cheap and it works.

If anyone came up with a 100% way to prevent zits, they would be living in a castle.
best thing to do is to keep that area clean until it crowns, then when it does it wont last as long.
ooo! i hate them! haha! Heres what I do, I put very hot water on them for a couple minutes and then put toothpaste on them. dries them right up! :)
''Blind pimples'' can be hastened into coming to a head by the application of warm washcloths.
You might also want to try patting it with an ice cube and applying a cortisone-based gel on it. Whatever method you try ( tea tree oil, toothpaste, benzoil peroxide or any other) DO use sunscreen, as you can get scars on your skin that has been trated with harsh products.
if you are under 25 years old...don't do anything because if you fuss with them, they may cause scaring. it could be your hormones raging.

Try to drink a lot of water. Wash your face after sweating. Eat very healthy. This may help prevent them from forming.

If you are desperate to pop it and have a scar...hold a warm towel over it to make it grow huge.

if it is very bad, invest in acne medicine such as proactive.
i use a tea bag (dunk it in hot water and let cool before putting on the zit) and then i follow up with ice. the swelling and pain usually goes away after. most medications don't work since it's under the skin.
Just drink plenty of water, forget facewashing too much just dont touch it - you make it worse doing that!
Toothpaste so doesn't work for me :(
You HAVE to leave them alone!

I know how you feel because I get those and sometimes they are there for weeks on end. Right now I have 3. Whatever you do, don't take a needle to them.
Warm compress should bring them to a head.
Well there is a medicine that smells like tire tar but it bring your zits up to a head in about 8 hrs.

but you could also try toothpaste it could work. Just dab it on the skin that is crowning
I usually zap it with 10% benzoyl peroxide after using my stridex pads on my face. Applying it twice a day usually makes then go away for me without them getting a head.
run a washcloth under hot water and put it on the place of the zit... This will help with the pain and also make it come to a head faster.
Use a drying ointment to dry it out so it doesn't even have to come to a head.

Usually if you apply it overnight by morning the bump is gone or a lot smaller.

hope this helps.
yeah i hate those =( ... sadley i havent found anything that works yet!
GRR I have one of these at the moment too, they're damn annoying! I have been putting tea tree oil on mine every evening and it has shrunk quite a bit

Hope this helps
I absolutely hate those! I usually can't resist the temptation to pick them which is always a mistake since I end up with a crater on my face that lasts 2 weeks! I've tried all the tricks in the book - one friend even advised I put toothpaste on them?! I find tea-tree oil can sometimes help though, have you tried that? For preventing spots generally I don't think you can beat the 'clean and clear' blackhead acne facewash with the little blue balls in!

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